Technical Summary

Technical summary for KemaTek and all their equipment

Research & Development Labs
Dedicated and well-equipped labs to develop new materials
supporting our customer’s ever changing material requirements

Material Properties Testing
In-house analytical lab

Vertically Integrated Material Preparation
From formulation and characterization to milling and spray drying, KemaTek makes its own high-purity ceramic materials

Spray Drying Capabilities
More than 17,600 pounds per day (8,000 kg)

Forming Technologies

  • Isostatic press: Plates up to 90 inches long (2300 mm) sintered
  • Dry press: more than 2,000 pieces per day
  • Injection molding: Mass production for small, complex, and high-precision components

Green Machining Capabilities
Maximum length: 120 inches (3,000 mm)
Maximum O.D.: 40 inches (1,000 mm (40 in)

Advanced Sintering
State-of-the-art oversized kilns and furnaces are electronically controlled with precision firing profiles

Precision Grinding

  • Advanced, post-fire machining equipment capable of machining highly toleranced, complex shapes
  • Leading-edge CNCs capable of machining parts as large as 3600 mm

Surface Grinding
Large-format precision grinding equipment for high-volume production

Dimensional Accuracy and Tolerance
As sintered: ±1% (up to ± 0.3 mm)
Flatness: ≤ 3 µm/Φ 485 mm
Cylindricity: ≤ 2 µm/Φ 200 x L350 mm
Surface roughness: Ra 0.01 ˜ Ra 0.2 or equivalent
Smallest hole: Φ 0.3 mm

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