KemaTek serves a variety of high-technology customers and provides a broad range of high-purity technical ceramic components and services to ensure their components are operating like new.

Aluminum Nitride Substrates
Antenna Components
Air-Bearing Components
Automotive Components
Aluminum Nitride Insulators
Baffle Chambers
Ballistic Door Panel Armor (commercial)
Blades & Cutting Tools
Bearings & Bushings
Beverage Valves
Chamber Lids
Chassis Leveling Valves
Check Valve Components
Circuit Board Substrates
CMP Polishing Plates
Cooling Components
Deposition Equipment Components
E-Chucks and Heaters
Edge Focus Rings
Electron Tubes
Electronic Circuit Substrates
Electrostatic Precipitators & Insulators
Electrosurgical Components
Emissions Sensor Components
End Effectors
Etch Equipment Components
Flat Panel Display Equipment Components
Focal Plane Arrays
Focus Rings
Gate Valve Components
GPS Antenna Components
Guide Rollers
Hard Face Seal Components
Heat Sinks
High-Intensity-Discharge Lamp Components
Injection Molded Ceramic Components
Laser Components
Lighting Components
LED Components
Lift Pins  
Medical Components
Microelectronic Insulators
Microwave Components
Plasma Etch Equipment Components
Plating Insulators
Pressure Sensor Components
Process Tubes
Radio Frequency Components
Seal Components
Sensor Components
Solar Components
Wafer Chucks
Wear Components
X-ray Components

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